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We are committed to providing the health care industry with evidence-based content that is updated annually with standardized terminology that supports outcomes measurement from the electronic health record (EHR). By combining our expertise and content with that of well-known national strategic partners and affiliates, we operationalize our Mission for our clients. This investment includes in-kind research opportunities for nurses to enhance care of the older adult when social determinants of health become barriers.

Zynx Health

ZynxCare is the leading evidence-based clinical decision support solution for nursing and interdisciplinary teams to reduce clinical variation, improve patient outcomes, and maximize financial performance. It features a comprehensive plan of care library with interventions that drive care standardization and are shown to improve key patient outcomes.

Zynx Health is guided by a mission of providing evidence- and experience-based products and services that empower our clients to measurably improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of patient care in a way that results in healthier lives for all.

Hendrich Care Plans© are now available in ZynxCare.  Current Hendrich model users: Contact Us for more information!

The automation of the Hendrich ZynxCare plans of care has enabled our team to view their fall prevention efforts in a new light. Our clinicians have embraced the automation tool within our EHR as it links fall 'root causes' to each identified fall risk factor.

We also utilize the ZynxCare plans of care. The supplemental Zynx evidence integrates into our system and streamlines processes to facilitate true patient-centered, evidence based interventions to prevent patient falls.

Maryjo Phillips, DNP, RN-BC, CMSRN
Clinical Program Manager, Geriatrics and Fall Prevention
Ann May Center for Nursing and Allied Health

Hackensack Meridian Health

ZynxCare Client

The DAISY Foundation™ and the Ann L. Hendrich Charitable Fund, in memory of Jim W. Hendrich

DAISY Health Equity Grant for Research/Evidence-Based Practice: Improving Care and Promoting Healthy Aging of the Older Adult

In order to address health disparities related to ageism, The DAISY Foundation™ is offering grants to support nurses who aim to improve care of older adults. These ongoing opportunities are funded by the Ann L Hendrich Charitable Fund.

These grants will fund research and evidence-based practice (EBP) that:

May reduce ageism and the associated clinical and psychosocial risks.

Identify changes in practice behaviors or improvements to existing or new standards of care that deliver equitable care, regardless of age.

Develop and measure the impact of educational and experiential case studies that teach sensitivity toward commonly held negative age biases and/or build cultural awareness to reduce or eliminate them.

Visit The DAISY Foundation™ website for full grant guidelines.

Age-Friendly Health Systems

Age-Friendly Health Systems is an initiative of The John A. Hartford Foundation and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement in partnership with the American Hospital Association and the Catholic Health Association of the United States.

The initiative has defined a set of four evidence-based elements of high-quality care for older adults, known as the “4Ms”: What Matters, Medication, Mentation, and Mobility. Dr. Hendrich has a longstanding relationship with      Age-Friendly Health Systems, serving as the initiative’s founding co-chair. The multidisciplinary expertise of the Age-Friendly Health Systems advisers is reflected in the Hendrich Care Plans©.


The Hendrich Fall Prevention Program has partnered in the work of clinical nomenclature with LOINC®, Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes, which provides a universal code system for identifying laboratory and clinical observations and related content. This will promote standardized terminology in electronic health records for injurious falls, validated risk factors, and outcome comparisons between programs.

The Nursing Knowledge Big Data Science (NKBDS) Initiative, supported by the University of Minnesota School of Nursing, is working to advance sharable and comparable nurse-sensitive data to support practice, quality measurement, and research for improvement of patient outcomes and population health, through the development of knowledge models and encoding data to LOINC® and SNOMED CT® for interoperability. More information can be found at: &

Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing (HIGN)

Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing (HIGN) advances equitable health care for older adults by educating the workforce and future professionals, informing policy, advancing research, and developing community programs. 

The Try This:® Series offers assessment tools on a variety of topics relevant to the care of older adults.  The goal of the Try This:® Series of assessment tools is to provide knowledge of best practices in care of older adults.  Each tool encourages nurses to understand the special needs of older adults and to use best practices when caring for older adults.

Each Try This:® issue is a short document with a description of why the topic is important when caring for older patients and an assessment tool that can be administered in 20 minutes or less.  Try This:® materials are screening tools and should not be used to make diagnoses.

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Giving back to the industry

Grant opportunities for nurses!  We are pleased to support the DAISY Health Equity Grant for Research/Evidence-Based Practice: Improving Care and Promoting Healthy Aging of the Older Adult. These ongoing opportunities are funded by the Ann L. Hendrich Charitable Fund, in memory of Jim W. Hendrich.

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