When You’re Ready

You can get started with the Hendrich program from wherever you are in your fall prevention journey.
What you need to know

Take fall prevention to an expert level

When you’re ready, you have the option to build out your fall prevention program with EHR integration and streamlined mapping of tailored interventions to the root causes of fall risk. These enhancements will take your nursing practice and fall prevention to an expert level. Subject matters experts from the Hendrich Group will provide support and consultation.  

No other fall prevention program offers these innovative and valuable capabilities. 

Advanced Program Elements

EHR platform integration

We make it easy to build the Hendrich program into your EHR, no matter which platform you use. With EHR integration, the patient’s fall risk factors and scores auto-populate in the record and automatically update as the patient condition changes. This improves patient care while saving nursing time by ending redundancy in documentation. Environmental precautions can become a minimum standard of care in the design for all patients, which also eliminates redundant work by the nurse.

The EHR build streamlines workflow and improves person-centered care: The person’s fall risk factors map to the various problems that are the “root causes.” Nurses can use a “pick list” to create a problem list and to select tailored, evidence-based interventions that address the specific root causes of the person’s fall risk. 

Person-centered interventions and patient education

The Hendrich Care Plans© are tailored to each validated fall risk factor and use a continuum of care approach. They enable nurses to build personalized care plans and define goals specific to each patient, identifying and addressing the root causes of their fall risk. This holistic approach promotes the overall health and quality of life of patients, while reducing injurious falls and other hospital conditions, such as pressure ulcers, delirium, loss of muscle mass, and others.

The Hendrich team partners with you to customize the plans so they work for you at your site of care and with your EHR platform. Customers receive annual updates to the care plans, reflecting the industry’s best knowledge and science. We have partnerships with major providers of content, such as Zynx Health, to make these updates efficient and accurate.

For sites that are ready, we also have a patient education video, available in both English and Spanish, that you can air on hospital or clinic channels. Other translations are available upon request.

The act of performing a fall risk assessment using an evidence-based tool is not a fall prevention intervention by itself.

Ann Hendrich, PhD, RN, F.A.A.N.

Strategic partnerships to help you improve and innovate

The Hendrich program enhances the services we provide to you through partnerships with national organizations that advance evidence-based practice and technology solutions:

  • We are working with Epic, Zynx Health®, LOINC®, and the Nursing Knowledge Big Data Science Initiative to offer you leading-edge capabilities in EHR integration, clinical decision support, and interoperability.
  • We have a longstanding relationship with Age-Friendly Health Systems and leverage the expertise of their multidisciplinary experts to optimize the Hendrich Care Plans©. Age-Friendly Health Systems is an initiative of The John A. Hartford Foundation and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement in partnership with the American Hospital Association and the Catholic Health Association of the United States.
  • With The DAISY Foundation™, we are cosponsoring research and evidence-based practice grants for nurses who aim to improve care for older adults. We invite you to apply!

By working with us, you’re connected to all the latest research and innovations, which we translate into helping you improve your fall reduction efforts and patient outcomes.

Consultation and evaluation

A benefit unique to the Hendrich program is direct consultation with a team of subject matter experts. The team can advise you on all aspects of an effective fall prevention program. These consultations can focus on: 

Meaningful data analytics is essential to continuous quality improvement. With the right graphics and charts, your data tells a story that helps your teams understand trends and root causes so they can implement improvements that make a difference. Our consultations can help you determine what, if any, additional data and analytics you need to move your program forward.

Our analytic specialists include Dr. Hendrich and knowledgeable statisticians who will work with you in a protected environment. You can view some sample data sets that demonstrate the power of continuous quality improvement and high reliability methods.