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The Ann L. Hendrich Charitable Fund

A not-for-profit organization and the Hendrich II Fall Risk Model® are teaming up with The DAISY Foundation in support of The DAISY Health Equity Grant for Research/EBP, Improving Care and Promoting Healthy Aging of the Older Adult.

Our goal is to support nurses who aim to improve care of older adults, DAISY, in partnership with the Ann L Hendrich Charitable Fund, offers grants to fund research and EBP that:

  • may reduce ageism and the associated clinical and psychosocial risks
  • identify changes in practice behaviors or improvements to existing or new standards of care that deliver equitable care, regardless of age
  • develop educational and experiential case studies that teach sensitivity toward commonly held negative age biases and/or build cultural awareness to reduce or eliminate them

From The DAISY Foundation

As The DAISY Foundation delves into how it can serve the advancement of equitable delivery of healthcare, our attention is drawn to our aging population and the need to improve care and promote healthy aging of older adults. 

Each day, more than 10,000 citizens in the United States reach their 65th birthday, signaling the need for care that is both sensitive and specific to changes that may occur with the aging process. Ageism appears in many ways from the simple to the complex. Some examples include the assumption that a health concern of an older adult is simply related to “old age;” that instructions must be simplified, and you must speak louder; and that any mental change during an acute care hospitalization is simply “confusion of old age” or that “old people will just fall no matter what.” A cognitive change in a hospitalized older adult can have multiple causes. Specifically, mentation changes can be an early, serious warning sign of an entire spectrum of modifiable risks such as medication side effects, dehydration, and sepsis. If ageism bias is present and early sepsis goes undetected, it can result in a preventable death. Sensitivity to age as a health disparity goes beyond these examples. Nurses can make a difference in mitigating age bias and stigma.


DAISY’s grants encourage registered nurses from all levels of experience to engage in research and EBP projects that will affect the health outcomes of patients and families. For this grant program, we will support investigators who are committed to compassionate, inclusive care and are passionate about making a difference for older adults. The application asks you to explain why this work is important to you. Grantees, whether working in a healthcare facility or academic setting must be connected to a clinical or community healthcare setting.  Research or EBP projects make take place in any healthcare setting.

As with all our research/EBP grants, it is imperative that nurses who provide direct care play a meaningful role in your study or project in its conceptualization, implementation, data collection, data analysis, and dissemination of results. The application requires a description of the role these nurses will have in your work to ensure that this program is enhancing the research or EBP implementation experience of nurses who have direct contact with patients and families.

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