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We encourage you to enter your own health care system’s fall information to calculate your facility’s fall costs. Below we provide example figures for a 400-bed hospital.

Fall information

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Injurious falls


2-year period

Awarded fall claims

5-year period

Hospital stay extension due to falls


2-year period

Revenue lost due to injurious falls

5-year period

Hours prepping for regulatory surveys/visits


2-year period

Avg. hourly salary of staff involved in prepping for regulatory surveys/visits


2-year period

Investments related to equipment, staffing, and training for fall prevention

2-year period


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Results and information

18 falls

Resulting in injury requiring extended care

24 days

Additional hospitalization based on fall injuries


2-year investment costs for injurious falls


Average costs incurred by your health care system due to injurious falls over a 2-year period (using 5-year claim data)

Over the last two years, your healthcare system has experienced 18 fall(s) resulting in minor or major injury that resulted in extending their hospital visit(s) by 24 days at your location(s). Although top care for these injured patients is of utmost importance, theoretically the extended hospital visits could be prohibiting new patients from seeking the vital care they also need from your facility. Because you do not get reimbursed by insurance companies for attending to falls that occurred within your location(s) and that resulted in injury, not only does this present issues for potential new patients awaiting care, but it also hurts your health care system’s bottom line.

Additionally, it’s important to note your health care system is on average incurring $1,533,999 in costs due to injurious falls as well as investing $42,320 over a 2-year period (using 5-year claim data) – significantly impacting your system. With the help of the right evidence-based fall reduction program, this number can be properly evaluated and potentially reduced.

What to consider before presenting your results to team members, leaders, or management

When building a financial model to calculate the cost of injurious falls, it is important to determine who the stakeholder(s) are for the results. For example, when presenting to licensed  professionals, the elements that you stress will be different than if you are talking to a chief financial officer or chief executive officer. While everyone cares deeply about anyone sustaining an injury, how you organize and present the data may vary slightly. The results would never vary, but what you choose to highlight for the presentation or report may vary in length and complexity.

We understand the process of finding the right fall prevention program includes relaying your findings back to your team, leaders, or management group.

It’s best to be prepared with current data when presenting your consideration set, recommended program, and the importance of a fall prevention program to your health care system.

The Hendrich Fall Program© provides several tools to make this pursuit a bit easier, and Dr. Hendrich is available to talk through your results. Not only can we help you determine the cost of injurious falls with this calculator, but we also simplify the process of comparing different programs and creating a custom program package.

Why is learning the costs incurred by your health care system as a result of injurious falls important?

Wrapping your head around the full magnitude of injurious falls can be complicated, and many within your organization may not know just how large of an impact injurious falls are having on your health care system. Learning the costs of falls within your health care system can help you illustrate how large an impact falls are having on your system, its bottom line, and the patients you care for.

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