Hendrich II Fall Risk Model Overview

The hendrich II Program includes:

System-wide, unlimited use of the Hendrich II Fall Risk Model® and the methodology to assess patients for fall risk in paper or electronic format. The licensure includes use of the Hendrich II Fall Risk Model on individuals 18 years old and over.

Risk Factor Care Pathways and Care Plans with evidence-based interventions along with Operation and Clinical Guides for rapid adoption, implementation and sustainment.

Unlimited, online access to continuing education for registered nurses (RNs receive .78 contact hour) plus an Ongoing Competency for periodic validations and an online course for assistive personnel.

User access via an AICC compliant Learning Management System and integration of the model into the facility’s Electronic Health Record. The model is available in Epic’s App Orchard for integration

Program evaluation support, including a falls data review at your request, to help meet your site’s patient safety goals.

A robust online resource center with clinical and operational guides for implementation.

Program updates and enhancements during the license term and program delivery based upon IT Specifications.

The Next ERA in Fall Prevention

Electronic health record integration

The patient’s fall risk factors and scores auto-populate in the medical record. Risk factors integrate with the nursing and medical problem list and link to evidence-based interventions and care plans.

Risk factors that matter

The patient’s fall risk is assessed using risk factors that have been proven to be valid in well-designed studies of large, diverse populations.

Assessment and care plans

Each fall risk factor links to evidence-based interventions and cross-continuum care plans. This way, you can support your patient’s safe mobility and health goals, while also reducing fall risk.


Learn more about licensing agreements and other Hendrich II Fall Risk Model® information.

More about the hendrich II program

Easily and accurately assess your patients fall risk

There are eight proven, predictive fall risk factors on the Hendrich II Fall Risk Model. Each risk factor has an assigned risk weight based upon the study findings. The HIIFRM provides a simple approach to assess fall risk while understanding what matters most to your patients.

Get the help you need with our fall prevention resources

Our web-based fall prevention Resource Center provides educators and clinicians with intervention and implementation resources. We also provide additional support with content and subject matter experts to help your team customize and incorporate Hendrich II within your culture.

Address your changing education needs quickly and competently

24/7 access to online education with unlimited seats to make learning easy for the new graduate, experienced registered nurses and assistive personnel. Our fall prevention education modules are intuitive and informative for all healthcare environments.

Hendrich II will help you stay current with ongoing falls research

There is simply no other fall risk tool that has been validated in as many patients, at as many diverse sites of care, and with longer duration of study than the Hendrich II Fall Risk Model. Our research continues with ongoing studies leading the way for new ways of thinking, always centered on what matters most to the patient.

In This New Era, It’s Time to Choose Hendrich II as Your Fall Prevention Partner.

Schedule time at your convenience to learn more about the model and how The Hendrich II team can help you with a customizable fall prevention solution.

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