Outcomes & Aging

Reducing falls that cause injury extends well beyond assessments and educational modules into a broader dialogue of healthy aging and patient safety. This leads to improved health outcomes, lower healthcare costs, and decreased liability for healthcare systems. As leading experts in predictive risk factors for over 20 years, our goal is to share progressive research and insights on these topics to educate all audiences on the role aging, lifestyle, and environment have with injurious falls.

Early Signs of Depression in Older Adults Due to Dementia

Loneliness and social isolation are strongly associated with several adverse health outcomes in older adults, including death, chronic lung disease, coronary heart disease, stroke, arthritis, impaired mobility, and depressive symptoms…

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Discover How Much Falls Are Costing Your Healthcare System

You’ll be surprised by the amount of care required to treat accidental falls within your healthcare system. Implementing the right fall prevention program offers significant impact that can save your facility time and money!