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Teaming up with EHR Platforms to Improve Patient Outcomes

The Hendrich model is the most trusted, valid and reliable fall risk assessment  

We are proud to announce the Hendrich II Fall Risk Model® will be available in the Epic Electronic Health Record (EHR) in early 2021!  We are currently working with Epic on a custom design that will automate and auto populate the Hendrich II Fall Risk Model® score directly into the nursing assessment.  This will give licensed users immediate access.

Risk factors linked with individualized care plans

While the model works with any EHR system, this custom build within Epic’s powerful EHR platform is a great benefit for everyone using the Hendrich II Fall Risk Model®. The design links the Hendrich fall risk care plans and pathways with interventions based on the assessment. The nurse can develop a care plan by choosing interventions based on the person’s risk factors and condition.  As risk factors change, so will the care plan! Ultimately, this means greater ease of use and integrated care plans that will contribute to a higher quality of care and better patient outcomes.

This will improve frequency of fall risk assessments (which change often in acute care,) and eliminates duplication in documentation. This is what “true” injurious fall prevention and safe mobility is all about, signaling a new “ERA” in reducing injurious falls, while also promoting safe mobility!

Environmental precautions become a minimum standard of care in the design for all patients eliminating redundant work by the nurse. Then, specific person-centered interventions can be added based on the individual’s risk factors. This integration is foundational for the Hendrich model.

The risk factors can be generalized across the care continuum as part of a holistic assessment to predict, prevent, and preserve “what matters most to the person.”

The care plans are evidence-based and grounded in the framework of Building Age-Friendly Healthcare Systems and the 4Ms (mobility, medication, mentation, what matters most) with more than 1,000 systems engaged.

What’s Next

Watch our site for further updates and availability dates to be announced soon!

For our current licensed users with an Epic platform, feel free to connect with us for more information:


More Information

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