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2020 Validation of the Hendrich II Fall Risk Model®

The latest validation study of the Hendrich II Fall Risk Model® is now available. The “Validation of the Hendrich II Fall Risk Model®: The imperative to reduce modifiable risk factors.” Applied Nursing Research is available online through Elsevier’s ScienceDirect at

This Hendrich II Fall Risk Model® research is among the largest published validation studies focused on fall risk assessment tools within a peer-reviewed article. Over a span of three years, this study evaluated over 214,000 patients across nine different acute care facilities. 

Here are a few highlights:

  • This study validates the reliability of the Hendrich II Fall Risk Model®.
  • Most inpatients have numerous, underlying fall risk factors.
  • Injurious fall reduction requires a focus that expands beyond environmental factors.
  • Modifiable fall risk factors should be connected to evidence-based interventions.
  • Promotion of safe mobility will require policy and practice changes for most acute care fall programs.

The study found that a large number of patients had multiple fall risk factors (n = 77,292), which aren’t typically managed during hospitalization, left them at risk to fall in the hospital and after discharge. The study proved healthcare teams have a large opportunity to reduce injurious falls through the active management of modifiable risk factors. 

It’s imperative that evidence-based interventions are utilized by the healthcare team.  Nursing interventions often stop at environmental safety, armbands, socks, and signs. Outcomes will improve when a continuum of care model is used by providers and acute care facilities to develop person-centered approaches to reduce modifiable risk factors.   

Reviewing the Validation of the Hendrich II Fall Risk Model®: The imperative to reduce modifiable risk factors is a great way to think about how your current fall risk model is being used or how this new research can be applied at your organization. 

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