Hendrich II Validation

The Most Validated and Replicated Model

New validation study moves beyond environmental factors to target modifiable risk factors to predict and prevent injurious falls.

The latest Hendrich II Fall Risk Model® validation study, published in 2020, proves environmental factors alone are not enough to prevent patient falls. Healthcare teams must incorporate evidence-based interventions along with their validated fall risk assessment tool in order to prevent injurious falls. This will require standard, policy, and practice changes to traditional fall programs in many acute care facilities. Click to learn more about the recommendations derived from one of the largest peer-reviewed, psychometric fall risk validation studies.

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Hendrich II Fall Risk Model® Validation Studies

The Hendrich II Fall Risk Model® has been validated in numerous studies and has repeatedly shown its ability to predict and prevent injurious falls in diverse populations, hospitals, and large healthcare systems. This validity and reliability is why it is used and integrated into the Electronic Health Record (EHR) in more than 1,000 sites of care. Click the link to learn more about the model validation studies.

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Adoption & Integration

We understand navigating the addition of an injurious fall reduction program into a large system must be practical and efficient. Our online Resource Center with Operational and Clinical Guides make it easy to integrate the Hendrich II Fall Risk Model® into your sites of care. We will support you every step of the way!