Hendrich II Overview

Hendrich II Fall Risk Model® User Agreement

Incorporate into your Electronic Health Record (EHR) with access to our HIIFRM Care Pathways.

Contact hour, online education for Registered Nurses and Assistive Personnel course with unlimited seats (interface to your LMS or use ours).

Evidence-based Care Plan options for each of the eight risk factors.

Online access to the Resource Center with guides for implementation.

Hendrich Fall Program Benefits

Promotes Independence and Encourages Mobility

Hospital patients of any age are subject to injurious falls while visiting a healthcare environment. Promoting safe mobility and reducing fall risk factors helps preserve independence and protect functionality when possible.

Reduces Fall Claims Per Occupied Bed

Injurious falls continue to be in the top three claims in healthcare, and the Hendrich II Fall Risk Model® can help decrease this statistic. Adoption of our injurious fall prevention program can occur rapidly with support from our team, and the cost for this program is less than one-third of a SINGLE fall claim in today’s environment.

Builds Competency When Caring for the Older Adult

Approximately 1 in 4 U.S. residents age 65+ report falling each year. The chance of falling again will double unless the underlying cause is identified and reduced. When the Hendrich II Fall Risk Model® is used, providers will advance safety and reduce injurious falls when risk factors are used to guide care appropriate for the older adult.

License Agreement Information

Talk with us to learn how the Hendrich II Fall Risk Model® can be used among your team and across your sites of care.

Continuing Online Education

24/7 access to online education with unlimited seats to make learning easy for Registered Nurses and Assistive Personnel

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Valuable Learning at Your Fingertips

Our education modules are intuitive and informative for all healthcare environments.

  • Ensure your entire staff has access to consistent and up-to-date education materials
  • ‘Save Progress’ feature helps busy team members focus on education as time allows
  • Administrator controls allow team leaders to set educational objectives and review progress among team members

Hendrich II Fall Risk Model® Validation

Our team has dedicated over 20 years to increasing patient safety with our fall risk assessment that has been validated multiple times through various studies. Over the years, our fall risk assessment has demonstrated its ability to predict and prevent injurious falls in diverse populations within complex healthcare ecosystems, and it continues to be the program of choice for over 1,000 sites of care. Learn more about the model validation studies by clicking the link below.

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Adoption & Integration

We understand navigating the addition of an injurious fall prevention program into a large system must be practical and efficient. Our online Resource Center with Operational and Clinical Guides make it easy to integrate the Hendrich II Fall Risk Model® into your sites of care. We will support you every step of the way!