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Injurious Fall Reduction

Because accidental falls put individuals at risk for serious injury or death, it’s important to take measures to reduce the number of falls that occur. These come in a variety of preventative activities, education, and programs. Although your likelihood to fall can increase substantially with age, falls can occur in any setting and at any age when risk factors are present. As a leader in fall risk assessment, we are committed to educating all audiences on the relationship between physical changes, health conditions, and medications that increase the risk of injurious falls and how to reduce them.

Four Steps to Help Prevent Falls After Hospital Discharge

Falls are one of the most common reasons for 30-day readmissions.  A recent study provided insight to inform the development of transitional fall prevention programs that could support older adults…

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Discover How Much Falls Are Costing Your Healthcare System

You’ll be surprised by the amount of care required to treat accidental falls within your healthcare system. Implementing the right fall reduction program offers significant impact that can save your facility time and money!